Suvidha Staffing

Suvidha Staffing will connect all the dots between the candidate's talents and capacities and the requirement of the institutional clients.

Suvidha Staffing will place first-time and temporary candidates through a free and fair competition process. With Suvidha Staffing, candidates receive facilities and benefits as prescribed by existing labor laws. It also allows our institutional clients to direct their energies and resources towards building core competencies and reducing personnel management burdens, while guiding candidates through various stages of their entire professional careers.

Suvidha Sewa offers staffing support under following categories:

  • IT Associate                                                                          Pre Seller
  • Bank Teller/Cashier                                                               Office Attendant
  • Loan Recovery Associate                                                    Store Keeper
  • Accountant                                                                           Librarian
  • Administration                                                                       Hostess
  • Research enumerators                                                         Waiter
  • Engineer                                                                                Cook
  • Technician                                                                             Messenger
  • Customer Service Representative                                        Driver
  • Secretary                                                                              Gardener
  • Telephone Operator                                                               Data entry associate
  • Tele Caller                                                                              Sales & Marketing Associate
  • Receptionist                                                                           Other Assistant level Associate   
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